What I the most common question you get asked at Paddington escorts?

You would have thought that it wold be something sexy, but most of the time it is not something sexy at all. The most common question that I am asked at Paddington escorts, is about flowers. When you have been dating a guy for a while, he often would like to know a little bit more about you, and I am often asked what kind of flowers that I like. Do I get flowers? Most escorts who have regular dates get flowers.

My favorite flowers are actually stocks, but I never mention that to the gentlemen that I date. I know that a lot of gentlemen are allergic to stocks, and so are many of the girls I work with at Paddington escorts as well. I would not want to have a lot of gentlemen sneezing their way through their dates. When it all comes down to it, that is not what dating Paddington escorts is all about, and I would hate to trigger an attack of hayfever at the escort agency in Paddington.

Most girls at Paddington escorts really like roses, but apart from stocks, I am not really that into lose flowers. I think it is much nicer to receive a pot plant from a gentleman. Most of the time when a gent asks me what kind of plant that I like, or flowers I like, I tell them I prefer pot plants. They all seem a little bit surprised, but there is something special about pot plants I think. I really do hate throwing away flowers, and I guess that is the reason I like pot plants so much.

My favorite plant to get as a gift is an orchid. There are some orchids which are not so hard to keep, and I tell my dates at Paddington escorts about them. Not all of them like to buy me orchids but many of them do. I also tell them that I have a real passion for African violets and that is another plant that I get a lot of at Paddington escorts. Sometimes I have had so many that I have had to take them home with me.

The other girls at Paddington escorts like o receiver flowers as well, but most of them prefer to receive roses. They are okay, but to be fair, roses have never really been my favorite plant. A lot of gentlemen do assume that escorts like to roses, or any girl like roses, but that is not true. We like all sorts of plants and flowers, and if you are planning to buy your girlfriend a plant or flowers, it might be a good idea to ask what she likes. I think that a lot of gentlemen easily forget to ask, and instead of asking do you like flowers, it might be nice to ask what flowers or plants to do you like.…

Seven Sex Styles To Spice Up Your Bedroom

Downward dog: The female lies on her stomach and lifts her butt slightly and the male penetrates her from behind as he supports himself like one doing pushups. This enables him to pump hard without any restrictions and the female avoids carrying his weight hence she doesn’t get tired quickly. It also allows deep penetration that makes female moan uncontrollably.

Ride him cowgirl: The female is on top of her male partner, who is lying down flat on his back. She then grinds into him or bounces up and down. And the male can thrust upwards to increase the intensity of their sex. This position enables easy stimulation of the female’s g-spot, leading to an intense orgasm without much effort.

Doggy style: In this position the female goes on all fours like a crawling baby then the man comes in and penetrates her from behind. The angle of the female’s back dictates how deep the penetration will be. The more she leans forward, the deeper the penetration and the harder and faster her partner pumps, the faster the orgasm.

Criss-cross: For this one the female opens her legs apart and allows her partner to lie in the middle but their bodies are not parallel to each other. They make a criss-cross. This position allows both partners to explore each other’s body and can even maintain eye contact easily hence enhancing the experience.

Spooning: This is where a male partner lies on his side behind the female who also lies on her side and lifts one leg up to allow easy penetration from behind by the partner. The partner then thrusts forth and back and can easily grab the partner’s breasts and has easy access to her sensitive neck region. This leads to a slow but powerful orgasm.

Right angle: The female lies on her back then raises her legs up to form a right angle then the partner kneels while at her butt area, he can then place her legs on either side of his neck as he penetrates her. This allows easy penetration while maintaining eye contact and leaves the arms free for caressing other parts of the body.

Reverse style: where a female lies in one direction and the male in the opposite direction. The female lies on her back with her legs apart and the male lies on her in the opposite direction such his feet are at the head region of the females and the female’s feet at the head region of the male.

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